Malgorzata Gnus, MSc.

PhD students


  1. Research interests
  • separation of liquids mixtures,
  • polymer and composite membranes for separation processes,
  • studies on mass transport processes,
  • biopolymers,
  • synthesis of metal oxide powders,


  1. Expertise
  • synthesis of metal oxide powders,
  • preparation of composite membrane materials,
  • dehydratation of liquid mixtures (pervaporation),
  • analysis of mass transport through polymer membranes


  1. Publications (5 most important)
  2. Gabriela Dudek, Małgorzata Gnus, Anna Strzelewicz , Roman Turczyn, Monika Krasowska, Roman Turczyn,; “The influence of metal oxides on the separation properties of hybrid alginate membranes”; Separation Science and  Technology (2017) – in press; doi: 1080/01496395.2017.1341532
  3. Joanna Kluczka, Małgorzata Gnus, Gabriela Dudek, Roman Turczyn; Removal of boron from aqueous solution by composite chitosan beads”; Separation Science and Technology (Philadelphia) 52 9 (2017) 1559-1579; doi: 1080/01496395.2017.1290659
  4. Gabriela Dudek, Małgorzata Gnus; Roman Turczyn, Krystyna Konieczny; „The study of ethanol and water vapour permeation process through alginate membranes modified by magnetic powders”; Desalination and Water Treatment; 64 (2017) 339-344; doi: 5004/dwt.2017.11396
  5. Gabriela Dudek, Małgorzata Gnus, Anna Strzelewicz, Roman Turczyn, Monika Krasowska; Permeation of ethanol and water vapors through chitosan membranes with ferroferric oxide particles cross-linked by glutaraldehyde and sulfuric(VI) acid”; Separation Science and Technology (Philadelphia) 51 (2016) 2649-2656; doi: 1080/01496395.2016.1173701
  6. Gabriela Dudek, Małgorzata Gnus, Roman Turczyn, Anna Strzelewicz, Monika Krasowska; “Pervaporation with chitosan membranes containing iron oxide nanoparticles”; Separation and Purification Technology 133 (2014) 8-15; doi: 10.1016/j.seppur.2014.06.032


  1. Projects


„Innovative hybrid materials with magnetic nanoparticles for membranes separation of liquid mixtures” UMO-2016/21/N/ST8/01868, 2017-2020, National Science Centre