Agnieszka Stolarczyk, PhD

Assistant Professor

ORCID: 0000-0001-9594-9072

Researcher ID: B-9333-2017


  1. Research interests


  • Gas transport phenomena in polymer membranes
  • Applications of infrared, Raman, and resonance Raman spectroscopy in conducting polymers
  • Novel conjugated monomer, oligomer and polymer systems exhibiting optical effects on the contact with toxic gases for application in gas sensors and photovoltaics


  1. Expertise


  • Gas separation through membranes
  • wide gap materials and their interaction with toxic gases
  • Synthesis novel conjugated polymers
  • IR, RM spectroscopy


  1. Publications (5 most important):


  1. Studies of reduced graphene oxide and graphite oxide in the aspect of their possible application in gas sensors, S Drewniak, R Muzyka, A Stolarczyk, T Pustelny, M Kotyczka-Morańska, Sensors 16 (1), 103. 2016
  2. A study of a QCM sensor based on TiO2 nanostructures for the detection of NO2 and explosives vapours in air, M Procek, A Stolarczyk, T Pustelny, E Maciak, Sensors 15 (4), 9563-9581 2015
  3. Spectroelectrochemistry of poly (3-hexylthiophenes) in solution, K Kepska, T Jarosz, A Januszkiewicz-Kaleniak, W Domagala, A Stolarczyk, Chemical Papers, 1-9, 2017
  4. Study of optical and electrical properties of thin films of the conducting comb-like graft copolymer of polymethylsiloxane with poly (3-hexyltiophene) and poly (ethylene) glycol side chains for low temperature NO 2 sensing, E Maciak, M Procek, K Kepska, A Stolarczyk, Thin Solid Films 618, 277-285, 2016
  5. The influence of oxygen conditioning effect on the permeation properties of polyaniline membranes, A Stolarczyk, W Domagala, R Turczyn, A Januszkiewicz–Kaleniak, Separation Science and Technology 51 (15-16), 2667-2674, 2016


  1. Projects


  • “Gas separation properties investigation of polyaniline membranes” 2001-2002  Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland grant no. 7 T08A 015 20


  • „Polythiophene block copolymers tailored for energy-efficient membrane separations: design, preparation, characterization and evaluation of gas transport properties.” 2011-2014, Foundation for Polish Science BRIDGE Programme (financed from EU structural funds under Action 1.2 ‘Strengthening the human resources potential of science’ of the Innovative Economy Operational Programme 2007–2013 No. POMOST/2011-3/8


  1. Scientific awards


  • 2006 – Team award of the Rector of Silesian University of Technology for scientific achievements – 2nd rank

2012 –  Team award of the Rector of Silesian University of Technology for scientific achievements – 2nd rank