Prof. Jerzy Zak


Prof. Jerzy Zak is an expert in nanotechnology and analysis of the surfaces.



  1. Research interests


  • solid surface modification
  • conjugated oligomers and polymers
  • singlet oxygen photogeneration
  • nanotechnology


  1. Expertise
  • analysis of organic thin films by means of electrochemical, spectroscopic and microscopic techniques of thin films analysis
  • covalent modification of solid surface
  • electrochemical deposition of conjugated polymers


  1. Publications (5 most important):


  1. New Horizons in Spectroelectrochemical Measurements: Optically Transparent Carbon Electrodes, Yingrui Dai, Greg M. Swain, Marc D. Porter, Jerzy Zak, Analytical Chemistry, 80 (2008) 14 – 22.
  2. Radical Cation of Helical, Cross-conjugated β-Oligothiophene Jerzy K. Zak, Makoto Miyasaka, Suchada Rajca, Mieczyslaw Lapkowski, Andrzej Rajca, Journal of the  American Chemical  Society,  132 (2010) 3246-3247.
  3. Electropolymerized phenothiazines for the photochemical generation of singlet oxygen, Piwowar K., Blacha-Grzechnik A., Turczyn R., Żak J., Electrochimica Acta, 2014, 141, 182-188.
  4. Photogeneration of singlet oxygen by thionine molecular layer grafted on electrode surface from its diazonium salt, Piwowar K., Blacha-Grzechnik A., Żak J., Electrochemistry Communications, 2015, 55 10–13.
  5. Electrochemistry Role in Production of Nano-Coatings, Katarzyna Krukiewicz and Jerzy K. Zak, in Comprehensive Guide for Nanocoatings Technology, Vol.1 , 289-309, 2015 Nova Science Publishers, Inc., New York, Editor Mahmood Aliofkhazraei, ISBN: 978-1-63482-447-7.


  1. Projects


  • “Molecular organic monolayers covalently bound to the conductive surface in the photoinduced generation of singlet oxygen”, UMO-2011/01/B/ST503794, National Science Center, 2011-2014
  • “Optically Transparent Diamond Electrodes for Chemical Analysis”; J.K. Zak, G.M. Swain, MSU, USA; 2002-2003., NATO Grant No 973952.


  1. Scientific awards:


  • Award of Golden Cross of Merit
  • Award of Polish Chemical Society
  • Scientific Award of the Minister of Science and Higher Education
  • Team award from the Rector of the Silesian University of Technology for scientific achievements