Date: 18-09-2017


Publications made in 2017

The list of publication obtained through the training actions funded by project ORZEL:

Electrochemically Induced Synthesis of Triphenylamine-based Polyhydrazones

Regio- and conformational isomerization critical to design of efficient thermally-activated delayed fluorescence emitters

The Contributions of Molecular Vibrations and Higher Triplet Levels to the Intersystem Crossing Mechanism in Metal-Free Organic Emitters.

Triplet Harvesting with a Simple Aromatic Carbonyl

An optical and electrical study of full thermally activated delayed fluorescent white organic light-emitting diodes

Novel TADF emitters exhibiting field effect properties

Comparative Study of Photophysical and Electrochemical Properties of Benzene-cored Diketophosphanyl Compounds

Cyclic Voltammetry and UV-Vis-NIR and EPR spectroelectrochemistry as tools to analyze organic compounds for organic electronic applications.

Raman and IR spectroelectrochemistry as tools to analyze conjugated organic compounds

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