Iuventus Plus

Ministry of Science and Higher Education grant Iuventus Plus no 0440/IP3/2016/74 “Efekty strukturalne ambipolarnych materiałów organicznych do zastosowań emisyjnych w zakresie światła czerwonego, bliskiej podczerwieni oraz urządzeniach elektrochromowych”

National Science Centre 4

Polish National Science Centre grant no 2015/17/D/ST5/01343 “Synthesis and characterization of novel conjugated polymers for non-fullerene heterojunctions with enhanced separation of photogenerated charge carriers”

National Science Centre 3

Polish National Science Centre grant no 2017/25/B/ST5/02488 “Low turn-on voltages exciplex based optoelectronic devices. Novel application of E-type delayed fluorescence.”

National Science Centre 2

Siloxane graft conjugated polymer architectures – novel tailored multifunctional materials for organic optoelectronics

National Science Centre

New approach to photogeneration of singlet oxygen: carbon-based nanomaterials


Organic Charge Transfer Application


Donor-Acceptor Light Emitting EXCIplexes as Materials for Easy-to-Tailor Ultra-efficient OLED LIGHTing